Assisted living communities for seniors are designed to provide residents with a place to maintain their independence. Convenient access to healthcare, activities and companionship are all right at their fingertips.

Many seniors and their families are reluctant to make the transition. Despite all the benefits of community living, it’s can be hard to make the decision to move. When you are looking for an assisted living facility, it’s important to address the myths about assisted living for seniors.
Common Myths

It’s better to look at the facts, rather than sensational stories to understand the kind of care assisted living can provide. By separating the truth from fiction we can dispel some of the most common myths about nursing homes. Below we list some of the most popular myths about assisted senior living are listed.

Assisted Living is the same as a Nursing Home – For many people the term “assisted living” can have negative connotations. For one people confuse assisted living with nursing homes. Often news reports detailed allegations of mistreatment, Medicare fraud, dilapidated facilities and other abuses in nursing homes. This was a rampant problem in the nursing home industry, but it wasn’t the case with every facility.

Nowadays the United States federal government has set guidelines in place that all facilities must meet. The standards set in place are mandated by the law and ensure that all assisted living facilities are safe. Nursing homes may have a sordid history, but assisted living doesn’t.

Community Living Means Losing Privacy – Almost all assisted living facilities understand the importance of privacy. Seniors get their own space to enjoy. Privacy and independence can be maintained along with community participation. Most communities give you a choice of a private apartment with several floorplans to choose from. You can furnish or decorate your apartment with your own things. The doors and the lock are all controlled by you. It’s like living in your own home.

Moving Away From Family Means No One Will Help Me – Assisted living is empowering. Care specialists aid senior with daily living but don’t stand in the way. Communities have people on call 24 hours a day to help. Staff members help residents stay safe and comfortable. Senior assisted living communities effectively take away the worry that comes from living alone.

Moving to an Assisted Living Community Means Saying Goodbye to Hobbies – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Community life means that seniors will have even more opportunities than before. Many places have programs for hobbies such as painting, gardening, swimming, bingo ect. Studies show that people who are engaged in life are healthier and happier than those who aren’t. Most senior living communities have a wide variety of activities and programs for resident’s to take part in.

I Can’t Live In an Assisted Living Facility if I’m in a Wheelchair – Many people in assisted living facility face mobility challenges and use wheelchairs or electric scooters. If you have mobility issues assisted living can help you with chores like shopping trips.

Medicare Will Cover Assisted Living Costs – Under certain conditions, Medicare will cover some of the health related costs of assisted living. Medicare does not pay for many of the services that are provided at assisted living. Eligible individuals may receive funds to cover the cost of skilled nursing care.

Residents Lose Their Rights When In a Nursing Home – All the residents in assisted living communities still have all of their constitutional rights. This includes the right to make complaints or voice concerns about a facility.

As we age our lives change dramatically. You don’t have to face these changes by yourself. Assisted living is a great way to stay healthy and live life on your terms.