Springtime can do wonders for your health and well-being. Getting outside can really break up the monotony of day to day living. There’s nothing like enjoying the fresh air and feeling the warm sun on your skin while you soak up the vitality of the season. It’s a great time to connect with nature and spend time outdoors with your friends.

The sun is shining, the air is fresh and life is blooming all around us. Taking some time out to enjoy some springtime activities can help improve cognitive function as well as increase happiness. Below are a few fun springtime activities for seniors that recharge the spirit.

Take a trip to a farmers market

There’s nothing like being around fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets also have other attractions like petting zoos and local arts and craft shows. Choose your favorite recipe and buy fresh ingredients to cook it later that evening for a wonderful, healthy meal.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

All those beautiful rays of rejuvenating sunshine suddenly illuminate clutter and dust. This is the perfect opportunity to get your spring cleaning done. Make your place more comfortable by changing things up a bit. You can redecorate your space to give it a fresh new feel.

Walk at the park or a nature trail

There are lots of local parks or nature trails that are senior friendly. Many are even wheelchair accessible. Do a little planning ahead of time to find out the best places to go beforehand.

Go Fishing

There are lots of fishing spots, even for seniors who require wheelchairs. You can cast from anywhere – a pier, bridge or creek for example. Find the perfect fishing spot and enjoy nature.

Visit Local Attractions

Just because you aren’t a tourist doesn’t mean you can’t get the most out of local tourist spots. It’s good for the mind and body to get out and enjoy sporting events, museums, landmarks, historical sites etc.

Eat at a Gourmet Restaurant

Sometimes, there’s nothing in the world I love more than good food, good company and a beautiful ambience. Satisfy your cravings and bond with friends or family over a delicious meal.

Go to a Nursery

Nurseries are great for seniors who love plants or gardening. If there is a local nursery or green house, you can see your favorite plants. Enjoy the colors, smells and atmosphere created by the nursery.

Go on a Picnic

Pack your lunch and enjoy the outdoors. Bring your own entertainment. For example you can take a pair of binoculars for bird watching, your favorite book a camera or some playing cards.

Watch the Food Channel for Recipe Ideas

The Food Network is a great place to get ideas. There are lots of great cooking shows and recipe ideas with spring themes. You can watch a show with your friends and decide on a recipe. Take a trip to the market and get all the ingredients to make a special meal.

Plant an Herb Garden

You don’t need much space to grow a variety of herbs. Herb gardens are not only fun, but they can produce ingredients for your favorite foods. This is a good way to encourage healthy eating.

Go See a Show

Whether a local theatre has a one-man play or a full on musical; getting all dressed up and going out for the evening is exciting. You can experience culture and have a little fun at the same time.


Do you have any great springtime activities for seniors we failed to mention? Let us know in the comments section below.