Admission Process

We are honored to have you tour an Elysian Gardens home which are scheduled daily with appointment.

The selection of an Assisted Living home is an important one and oftentimes a decision that has been long considered or one that must be quickly made based on a change in the living or home environment. We can begin the admission process immediately or support you in any way necessary until you are ready for you or your loved one to move. We will be happy to access our vast network of ancillary healthcare partners to ensure the smooth transition to our home.

Our process for admission is a five-step process which allows us to completely and thoroughly assess your needs and personally tailor your living space.

Initial Interview – One of our team members will conduct an interview about or with our future resident. The interview allows us to start planning immediately by assessing the resident’s goals and needs.

Functional Assessment – A staff member at the facility is required to complete an assessment of the individual’s ability level. This includes activities of daily living such as like mobility, bathing, dressing and eating. The purpose is to gauge the amount of support and assistance needed. This assessment also helps us determine the resident’s social needs.

History and Physical – The resident must produce documents detailing their medical history and a recent physical evaluation. These documents must come from the resident’s recent health care provider. This needs to be completed no more than 30 days after the resident moves in.

Resident Agreement – This agreement will be signed by the resident or by their conservator. The resident agreement outlines every service we provide and explains fees and payment options.
Care Plan – The resident’s care plan must also be completed within 30 days after the admission date. This plan illustrates in detail the services that are to be provided by Elysian Gardens and describes when and how each services is to be provided. The purpose of this document is to make sure that each resident’s needs are met and are updated every few months by default and sooner if necessary or if the needs of the resident has changed.

Waiting List

We are happy to conduct initial interviews and place any future resident on a waiting list provided the room that has been selected is occupied. Priority is given on a first come first serve basis.

About Insurance

Elysian Gardens facility rooms can be paid for privately or through supplemental insurances, Veteran Assistance and long term Medicaid. Please contact us at 813.932.3618 for a full list of programs and to inquire about how you can join our community.

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