Those who suffer from dementia face challenges each day. While dementia may be limiting, there are a range of things those afflicted by it can do to stay entertained and active. Just because someone suffers from dementia doesn’t mean that they still cannot enjoy an active lifestyle. Most assisted living facilities offer their residents a number of programs and activities within the community.

There are many things that can improve the quality of life for those with dementia. Activities that stimulate the mind and body can have long lasting benefits on those who have issues with dementia. Improvements in overall health and attitude are achievable with proper care and attention. Many times episodes of “acting out” can be reduced or eliminated for many seniors who suffer from dementia.

Even if someone is losing their memory there are many things that they can still do. Elysian Gardens and other assisted living facilities deal with dementia each day. The good news is that there are plenty of simple, relaxing activities that anybody with dementia will enjoy. Below is a list of a few helpful activities seniors can partake in.

Music is one of the only activities that doesn’t require any sort of meditation to appreciate. Dementia will not prevent a person from enjoying music, it all comes down to personal preference. If a resident isn’t keen on one piece of music, try another. Music is known to increase the flow of blood to the brain, which has been shown to positively affect those with dementia.
Sensory Activities

Sensory therapy is used to treat a large number of diseases and cognitive disabilities. Stimulating the senses can be a relaxing, soothing activity. Using warm cloths, molding clay, tossing bean bags, aroma therapy, cooking and massage therapy are all great ways to engage the senses.

Some assisted living communities offer their residents colorful catalogs full of pictures to help residents shop. If the resident is able, they can cut out pictures and place those items on a list. A care specialist or supervisor can help the resident find that item and purchase it.

Art feeds the soul. It’s a great way to keep your mind active and appreciate life. There are many art programs available to residents in assisted living. Classes, materials and programs are available for things like sculpting, painting, drawing and more. These activities help keep the brain active and healthy. People of all ability level are welcome. If a resident isn’t able to use a paint brush, finger painting is perfectly acceptable.

Gardening is good for the senses as well as the mind. Planting seeds and watching them grow into beautiful plants is very satisfying for those with dementia. Even if they don’t remember planting the seed, they can still see progress. Whether you are growing ornamental flowers or planting tomatoes, gardening is a very rewarding hobby.
Video Games

Recent studies have shown that certain video games are helpful for those who suffer from dementia. Problem solving skills, fine motor skills and social interaction can be encouraged by playing video games. Video games like Wii bowling can an excellent exercise in mental processing. The connections being fused in the brain by the constant activity can help slow the rate of dementia.
Try any New Hobby!

Assisted living facilities provide retirees with a full range of activities, Picking up a new hobby can provide a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. All the hobbies listed above are great choices for those with dementia. Staying active mentally and physically has shown to improve quality of life on many levels.